[Story] The House Of Lust (18+) Season 1 Episode 3

“Yes, I accepted, I am going to a senator come the next election window”. I kissed him again and la!d back on the bed. I would make a great Chief Of Staff and I was confident I was going to be top of the Governor’s list.

“Would you help convince the Governor for me, that I he considers me”, I asked, I wanted Jola to put in a good word for me, it would boost my chances. He looked at me, stood up to locate his clothes.

“I thought you knew how to convince Alhaji, or isn’t your mojo working again ”

Lol, I laughed not because he was funny but just that I wanted him to consider it and arguing won’t serve any purpose. He dressed up so quickly, came near to me, kissed me and whispered ; “Trust me, I would try my best for you”.

I smiled, showing signs of approval, at least my day ended well. He went out of the room leaving me behind , I slept In the hotel room that night, I was too tired to go home.

The next day, I had just woken up with an headache, my phone was buzzing, it was Jola, he left about 10 missed calls, I picked his next call.

“Good Morning, Jola ” I said.

“Whitney, Get down to the office, Nominations for my replacements started this morning and then the news about the debt crisis got out, How come you aren’t in the office by this time”. He ended the call.

My headache vanished, I thought of how I would managed this, I got to the bathroom, I would have a long day today.

Halima was mad, I had never seen her in that state. I was also angry because that bastard tech or whatever his name was had the audacity to climb me. I never even thought of him touching my skin.

Halima had gone about telling mutual friends, that I s£duced her boyfriend because I knew he was rich and I had to condescend that low to get him. True, Tech was rich, his father was one of the top associates at F.I.R.S and he was one of the top dudes to hang out with in Unilag.

I had on several intervals tried explaining to Halima, that I never planned it and that her stupid boyfriend should tell her the truth. She never listened maybe because we had that fight before the incident. We were not on talking terms for a long while.

Meanwhile, that bastard Tech, he was unrepentant and he wouldn’t still get off my neck. Funny thing is, Halima still wanted to date him. Gold digger, I thought. He sent me messages on my Facebook page since I wouldn’t give him my phone number. He would ask for my account number and tell me how good I was even while I was drunk. I was pissed, so pissed.

One fateful afternoon, After I had waited for the heavy rain to stop, I came out of Moremi hall, wanted to board a cab to my faculty. A car came at high speed and splashed the dirty rain water on my dress. Gosh, I was about to protest, but the car stopped and the car glass whined down. It was Halima.

To be continued….

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