[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – The End (Episode 92)

I fell ill again, this time I had no money to treat myself. Mummy sent me money, and I had to use it to travel back to our family house. We visited another hospital, and my medical record kept showing malaria. I was treated and after few days, I gained my health back.

“Do you know you are gonna die” The voice said!!! Just then……

I woke up and remembered that I was going for the test, so as to submit to the embassy. Mummy accompanied me, so that I could see someone to talk to. I was still ill, and I was just recovering, so the stress of going alone might be much.

The next day, I woke up early and dressed, alongside mummy. The doctor said we should come by 7, so that we could mail the result to the embassy by 9am. My heart kept pounding as we found our way to the hospital.

“Good morning doc” My mum greeted, as she held on to me tightly. I smiled and also greeted the doctor too. There was a lot of warmly discussion going on, before we finally went to the lab. The needle was painful as compared to the way my heartbeat was. After the test, I and mama were asked to wait outside so that they could process it the way they did.

Few minutes later, Mummy was called inside and I was asked to remain outside. The way she walked, I was already crying, not physically but inside of me. Later I heard my name and I came inside. The doctor was putting on a smile, but I could see that mummy’s eyes were kinda reddish in color.

The counseling

The prayers

The assurances

The hopes…These were all I could remember as tears freely flowed down my eyes. Mummy hugged me tightly till I couldn’t cry again. The doctor kept saying things but I couldn’t just hear him. I knew what lay ahead of me at home.

You remember the voice I heard that made me woke up from my thinking? I heard it again.

“Your time is up on earth” The voice said again. Even though I smiled inside, but I kept crying within.

I know you are wondering the name of the person typing, “My name is Chikwelu Udofia, and I am HIV positive”

Mummy cared for me… Daddy was the best dad I ever met… My two sisters are the best.

I love them so much, and I know they love me too. Kisses!!!

In Remembrance of Chikwelu Udofia (1991- 2016)

Who was diagnosed of HIV Aids, He died at the age 25.


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  1. escapewap says:

    ya are fvcking any pvssy ya see???…what do ya expect…..huh??

  2. Cynthia says:

    Am crying already chai wot a tragedy

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