[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 91


I remember the day I gave my life to Jesus, after being invited to a crusade held by a popular church in the country. I attended for attending sake but later came out for altar call. Infact, all they preached about was about me and the life I lived. I was happy being welcomed into the house hold of faith. The pastors kept counseling me, and they visited me at any opportunity they had. I was enrolled as a woker in the church, and by God’s grace, I was growing spiritually.

The Devil was never going to rest. Just when I thought it was all over, my Direct Boss in the office started making advances towards me. She was billed to be married in few months’ time and I wonder what she wanted from me. She kept helping me financially, took me home with her car, and bought me things at the office but that didn’t warrant her sleeping with me. I totally rejected it, not because of it was easy, but because I have found a new life I wanted to continue with. I didn’t tell my pastors about it, so I was bearing the pains alone.

Few months later, I was sacked for no reason. Everybody in my office wept about me, they knew the actual reason why I was sacked but they couldn’t do anything. It was a foreign firm, and my Direct Boss was closer to the GMD than all of us that were junior staff. I bade them farewell and packed my loads out of the car.

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