[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 88

The next day, I quickly dressed and moved to our agreed location and waited patiently for her. She didn’t disappoint but came quite earlier than I expected. We boarded a taxi and left for shoprite. It was a cool meeting; we went places, holding hands like we have known each other for years. We finally found a place to relax and sat down to talk. We talked about different issues pertaining relationships, cheating and lots more. Sooner or later, we were on our way back home.

The love story continued and we kept on seeing each other and visited each other. I made sure not to reach her own house because she was a Muslim and I wasn’t prepared to answer much question from her dad. Every night I went to her neighborhood to see her, and we stayed up till it was late, talking and gisting about lots of things.

“I would want to visit you at home in another dimension” She said one night as we were talking.

“What dimension” I asked

“Don’t worry, you will soon know” She said before dashing off to her father’s house. One day came and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and behold, it was her. I was shocked and happy simultaneously to see her, and I welcomed her with a hug. All these while, I haven’t even collected a kiss from her. All the times I tried, she told me there was something holding her back.

“How old are you” I asked her while we were talking inside my room and drinking the canned malt I bought for her.

“I am 28” She said. “Wow” I replied. I wasn’t surprised because I expected her to fall into that age range.

“What about you” She asked

“I am 25” I lied. Well she actually believed the lie because I was looking much older than my real age. I tried coming close to her again to kiss her, but she kept moving back and back. My Sekxual thoughts were so high and all I wanted was a chance to get in between her legs.

“Baby I love you, and you should know how much I do” I said with a face that could melt the heart of an army general in battle.

“I am a virgin” She said with a low voice. I couldn’t actually believe what I heard, and thinking it was the normal lie that most girls would say, I persisted.

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