[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 87

Bola was an average looking girl with assets that portrayed her as a real Yoruba girl. I just finished escorting a female corp member that came to visit me, and I was going back to my house. I boarded a tricycle to avoid the high cost of bikes, so it was a slow journey home.

“Why can’t these policemen be reasonable and quit causing hold-ups in this road” I murmured softly but other passengers could hear exactly what I was saying.

“It is not their fault” The girl beside me responded. I quickly looked at my side to catch a glimpse of her well. I smiled upon seeing her face and nodded in agreement.

“Why should it be their fault before” I asked back but in a more sweet and gentle tone “With their pot bellies, once they see criminals they will be on the run” I said to the amusement of others in the tricycle.

“Is your own flat?” She asked and that got everyone’s attention to my side. I quickly smiled about it as other kept laughing.

“You want to see?” I asked her “Yes” She replied immediately. I slowly raised my polo up a little bit and showed her. She was amazed at the abs.

“Feel free to touch” I said. She was skeptical at first, but after a little persuasion, she gently lifted her finger on to my belle.

“Wow” She responded to the amazement of the other passengers in the tricycle. We continued discussing till I got to my bus-stop. I came and paid just for myself and was about leaving.

“You no fit pay for your wife” The driver asked. I smiled and turned back, dipped my hands and brought out money and paid him.

“Since I don pay for her, make I collect her number na” I said to the driver before asking her for her name and number. She obliged and inputted her number for me in my phone.

“I am Bola” She replied. I winked at her, bared the others farewell and walked down majestically like someone who just won a lottery. I reached home and forgot to call her for a period of time and when I remembered, it was almost around 11. I quickly picked up the phone and dialed her number.

“Who is this” She asked with her mixed tongue of English and Yoruba. I quickly introduced myself and reminded her where we met.

“Oh no!!” She exclaimed “I thought you misplaced my number or you didn’t want to call again” She said with much emotion. I explained the reasons for the delay and she accepted the apology.

“Will you be free tomorrow?” I asked

“Yea sure” She replied almost immediately “You want us to see” She asked

“Yeap” I replied

“What location” She asked. In a bid to avoid the first date S£x, I agreed we meet at the shoprite over there at Ibadan. We booked a time and a place to meet before heading for our rendevouz location.

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