[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 85

*************Few weeks after***************

I have been chatting with a lady I met on facebook for a while now, and we had already extended our discussions to calls and S£x chatting. She told me she was about 33years, and I hid my age from her. It wouldn’t be nice telling her that she was almost about 10 years older than I was.

“How old are you” She kept asking. One day I decided to spill the bean and be free with myself.

“You are 8yrs older than I am” I told her plainly.

“Wow, that’s nice” She replied. I was marveled at her answer because I thought that would be the last chat we would have. Instead of it happening, she became more and more interested.

“I will soon be coming to your state soon” She told me one day on phone. I asked her if it would be nice for us to spend the night when she comes around.

“That’s my plan already” She shouted in excitement. I started making plans on getting enough money that would be okay for us to lodge in a super hotel for that night. I finally found a cool hotel around the suburbs of new haven and immediately paid for the room.

“I am at the junction of the place you told me” She said as soon as I picked the call. I immediately wore my vest that night, and went to meet her. Truly she was a matured woman with a very large waist to go along.

“What are you looking at” She asked as I kept staring at her assets.

“Stop disgracing yourself” She said “It will be all yours for the night” She assured. We decided to go grab dinner in one of the local restaurant within the neighborhood. I immediately got a double chair for both of us and decided to go ease myself outside. I came back and saw a man on my sit, trying to woo the woman I brought in.

“Excuse me Sir, that’s my seat” I said politely. He immediately looked at me from head to toe and acted like he saw nobody.

“This is my seat sir and I need to get seated” I explained again. He turned around in anger and tried warning me.

“Boy listen, when you see adults talking, do well to move over to another place and sit” He said while bringing out his hand and pointing to my face. We already got the attention of everyone inside the place, and all eyes were on how it was going to end. 

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