[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 84

******Few months before now*****

I and Nora were getting along so much, tho I didn’t tell her that I was sick for so long, when she asked about my absence. I only told her I travelled to a place with little or no network reception. I later got to know she was staying in a far place away from the main town. She and her aunt were staying in a neighboring town close to our main city. One day she decided to come around to see me. I never had hidden agendas, and was open minded with our meeting. I decided it was best for us to meet in an open place, to avoid temptations.

We settled for an amusement park and talked like happy couples.

“What is your favorite S£x position” Nora asked.

“Wow…Ermmm… What?” I stammered before asking

“I said your favorite S£x position” She repeated. I did my best to suppress the laughter and I kept a mean face.

“I love anyone” I replied while acting like who hasn’t heard about the word S£x before.

“Maybe you are still a learner” She said before smiling a bit. I also smiled along. We kept discussing, and I was expecting her to probably start talking about her exit, but unfortunately she never mentioned anything about that. It was getting late now, almost about 6pm and Nora wasn’t concerned about going home. I stay with my parents and there was no chance of her staying in my father’s house with me.

“I stay with my parents Nora, and I don’t what plans you have for the night” I immediately confessed and brought up the topic. She starred at me like someone who saw a ghost or something close to that!

“You should have told me on time” She yelled softly before looking at her watch.

“It’s after 6 already” I helped her say the time. “You didn’t tell me your plans, so I assumed you had cool plans for your night” I added. He looked so sad and desponded and I tried consoling her. I immediately picked up my phone and started making some calls to friends who I believed stay alone. After much failure, finally a friend picked. He agreed I come over to his place and spend the night with the girl. I quickly boarded a taxi with her, and off to his house we went.

It was a night filled with various positions she discussed about. There are girls, and there are ladies! Nora fell into the second category. Her tactics on bed were top notch, and mind blowing. Even though we were three inside that small room, that didn’t stop us from exploring each other’s body. We woke up the next morning, feeling like people who had a serious fight last night, very weak and tired. 

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