[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 80

My mind was reflecting on so many things, while I continued with the fvck. It wasn’t long before she came, and I feigned mine so as just to withdraw from her. I couldn’t sleep that night, and I was weeping deep down. I guess she noticed my mood, and turned around to console me.

“Baby, I am clean, don’t be scared of any infection.” She kept reassuring me. I only nodded my head, while she never allowed my dicck to have its rest.

“If you don’t believe me, I can escort you to the hospital tomorrow,, and we run a test on you” She said before dipping her hands into my dicck again, and started fondling with it. I was already feeling dizzy and was about to close my eyes, when she woke me and told that it wasn’t time to sleep yet.

“What”? I shouted “But I feel sleepy” I said

“But I am not; do you want to leave me and sleep?” She asked without actually expecting an answer. She immediately passed me a tablet to drink, and I knew it was a Sekxual enhancer. It was 3.00am that morning, and believe me, I had no choice to follow her instructions while I kept praying for the day to come. I slowly gulped down the drug, and within few minutes, I was having a dicck so erect that it can be used to kill a little child, if used as a cane. She immediately positioned her pvssy, and the sight of that Kittycat wasn’t just encouraging at all. I managed to dip my Joystick that was already too erect inside and started digging right through it. She seemed to be enjoying it, but it was becoming more of a pain for me. She immediately threw me to the bed and climbed ontop of me, closed the gap between her legs before rotating my dicck with her pvssy. All of a sudden, the sweet sensation and feeling of her pvssy heightened on my dicck. From the usual boring S£x we were having, it became a more intimate affair. We cuddled up each other and we were wrapped body to body and soul to soul.

“Did you just Pour inside of me?” She said while laughing, I was even ashamed to answer, so I smiled along.

“If I get pregnant, you will be the father. Just prepare” She said with a humorous tone. She quickly stood up, and went to the bathroom, while I laid down and kept reminiscing about things that just happened. I finally dozed and woke up the next morning with great headache; she arranged for a painkiller which relieved the pain a little bit.

“Can we have a quickie” She asked, and she probably didn’t finish the question before I gave her a resounding “NO” as an answer.

“Why” She asked sad

“I can’t feel myself babe” I replied while holding my head that was about going off my neck due to the intensity of the headache. She quickly prepared something and brought it for me to eat. I ate the bread and egg with Tea like a soldier who just returned from the war front, laid down on the bed and went back to sleep once more. I woke up few hours later, feeling better and the headache was gone.

I spent about 3 days with Kenny in her house, fvcking, eating, going out and having fun. It was quite an experience which I got so much to fall in love with. When I was leaving on Sunday afternoon, she gave me about 20,000naira to go home. My heart couldn’t contain the excitement, so I quickly undressed and gave her a one round of S£x extra that was super intense. I think I didn’t need an enhancer to perform well, due to the happiness I felt inside.

“Hope I am invited to come again?” I asked her this time around.

“Is it because of the money I gave to you that is making you ask?” She asked me surprised.

“What?…. No” I responded. “I just love you and wish to spend most time with you” I said while smiling. She gave me a long hug and told me I was welcomed almost anytime.

“I stay alone, so you can even leave your father’s house and come stay with me” She added. Erm.. I assume that was a joke taken too far because it wasn’t gonna be possible. I quickly entered her car and off we went to my neighborhood.

S£x upon S£x, spending upon spending and that was how it was moving between me and Kenny. I was already having a real sum of cash in my account, and all I needed was get a younger girl I could roll out with.

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