[Story] House Of Lust (18+) Season 2 Episode 6

My mom had health issues, she was diabetic, and she always had High blood pressure, so we (I and April) always treated her with care, I, particularly always took care of her, approved all of her requests and paid the attention I could afford to her. After our father left us, I and April had supported my mother, hawking for awhile and then when a relief came from a relative, we moved out from our apartment, and rented a smaller one. My mom sent me to the university, working as a cleaner in one of this high profile schools. She started falling sick often, and once she could a get money to go for a medical check up, the informed her she was diabetic and she was also thinking too much.

I arrived at the Tech’s family hospital as soon as I could get there, I then asked for directions to my Mom’s ward, I ran down to the room, even when the hospital personnel told me I shouldn’t run in an hospital. I met April, Tech and Tech’s mother in the room.

“Where have you been, why can’t you answer your call, is that the wife you’d want to be” Tech’s mother asked.

“Please Ma, I don’t have time for arguments, I’d be glad if you can spare me for once, we good? ” I snapped, immediately.

Tech mother looked insulted, looked at me and then to tech, took her car key and left the room.

The atmosphere in the room was really low, showing my mom was very sick. Tech didn’t even look at me and April was crying. I moved closer to Tech, to ask him what had happened.

“Please just get out of my sight, you know my mom was right, let me not even talk about how you replied her, where have you been, with Jola right, you couldn’t even return my call, the meeting was more important “

He drew me to a part of the room, not wanting April to hear what he’d say, and then he whispered

“Did you bang him”. I looked at him, surprised, what did he take me for, I wanted to slap him but I realised he probably had been through a lot this part night. He pressed my arm and asked again

“Did you bang him, whitney”.

“No, Tech. I love you, no, no no”. I broke down crying hard, it was me who had been through a lot this past night, not tech, I just sat down on the floor, crying.

It rained heavily the day my mother died. It was a Sunday afternoon, I was the only one awake, as tech and April had fallen asleep. I had gotten tired of the beep from the machine that ensured her heart was still working well. My mom woke up a day before from the coma, called my name and told me to get married to Tech immediately, that she wanted to witness it before she goes. I told her not to say anything like that again, that she wouldn’t die but she said I shouldn’t argue with her at all, so Tech and i called a priest to do the formalities and we got married. Her health improved, but deteriorated again.

That afternoon, she just started vibrating in the bed, I screamed and immediately Tech woke up, He ran to call the doctor, but when he came in, she had stop shaking, she was as still as the sea when jesus walked on it. The doctor came in, checked her immediately, I knew she was dead when he started shaking his head, so I wasn’t alarmed when he told the nurse to cover her up.

April cried and cried, she couldn’t be consoled.

Tech just kept me at his shoulders, as I cried.

Condolence visit started rolling in, The Governor Of Lagos State , Rauf Rahman came the next day to our house in banana island, he seemed pretty sorry and said his wife couldn’t visit as she wasn’t feeling too well. I knew he was lying,

I got her message earlier , telling me I deserve everything that happens to me after ruining her husband political career. I admired and also regretted the role I had played, but we do what we have to do right.

My party leaders followed, and then some friends from work, them Tech’s Family, and then the devil, Jola Edwards. Tech didn’t want him in that day, but I told him to allow him in, he acted properly though, and then left winking at me.

My mom’s death made me realize I couldn’t afford losing the election, because at the end, losing the election won’t be the problem, it’s what I lost to the election that will be.

To be continued….

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