[Story] House Of Lust (18+) Season 1 Last Episode

We started kissing and he started to feel me up. He slipped his hand underneath my nightgown, still kissing me and starting playing with my swollen K!ttyC@t walls. He lowered himself down and starting sU-Cking on them. I held the frame of the bed, he was so good at it, better than Jola.

He got up and got really close against me and slipped his hands into my shorts and started fingering my K!ttyC@t. I practically melted in his hands. He started going deeper and faster.

I pulled both our clothes off and he started to finger me again. He stopped finger banging me and got on top of me and into position, with his J0yst!ck in front of my very wet Kitty-Cat. We started to slide his J0yst!ck into me slowly , muttering words like “I love you” and I started to push back, prompting him to move faster.

I m0aned and m0aned. He kept sliding it in further and further, banging me violently.

Then he continued with that pace and within about five minutes of banging me, he pulled out his J0yst!ck and cummed on my stomach!

We continued banging all night.

I woke up that morning, and took a quick run around the estate. I ran around the estate, admiring the houses, their structure, and the neat surrounding. I didn’t even know where I was, because Tech never told me where he stayed.

I wanted to ask the security men around, but I felt it’d draw too much attention. The cool breeze that morning made me meditate, think and learn.

I was being too naive, now it was time to stop seeing the good in people and also try to have second thoughts before I make a move. I noticed I was taking this Alhaji and Jola poo the wrong way and I wasn’t acting fast enough, giving them time to actually cover their tracks, I mean Alhaji can maybe find out I have something on me, Fuss. Too much fuss, I slowed down and noticed I didn’t know where I was at that moment.

I took my phone and called Tech, asking him to come pick me up, He asked where exactly I was, and I couldn’t even tell him. He just told me his block and house number, I picked a cab and told the driver, he just took me around blocks and i was at Tech’s house again. He was waiting at the gate, he paid the Cab driver.

“Haven’t you been to Banana Island before, ” He said, with that smile you’d see when your friend’s mocking you. I nodded, signifying that I didn’t know I was in banana island before. He put his arm around my shoulders and took me inside.

“Go have your bath and wear that blue suit I told you I liked yesterday, after that, call James Oseni, I will drive you to his office”. I did as he said, I took my bath, dressed up and applied little make up. Tech was ready, he stood by the car and opened the door for me to go in. Love, what i have been missing for a long time.

The drive with all the information was with me, Tech gave me three USB drives, he showed me the drive with the permanent file and the other drives contained temporary files, if they inserted it into their drive, they’d only see the information, they can’t copy or move the file.

It will only turn to a malware and corrupt the system. James Oseni was thrilled to hear from me, he said he was going to be waiting for me.

His office wasn’t that far from Ikoyi, it was situated in obalende.

His security detail directed us to our parking space soon as we entered the building. I came down from the car, leaving my door open ,it was the security job to close it. I wasn’t going to be modest again, humility hasn’t helped my ambition, time to be the real birch.

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