[Story] House Of Lust (18+) Season 1 Episode 4

I got to the office as fast as I could. I moved to Alhaji’s office to at least listen to the Blah,Blah,Blah he had to say. He was in the office with Jola And they were discussing something important when I went in,i could see in their reaction.

“Come Whitney, What’s your problem and why are you being so unprofessional, do you know how many applications I get per day for your job and yet you are here making a mess of yourself, I don’t know how your brain works but Jola here had decided we consider some replacements, I am going to give you a second chance ” Alhaji said.

Wait, Did I hear him right? Jola had asked for a replacement for me, What game was he playing?, I was very embarrassed, but the fact that it was just Jola in the room made it easier for me.

“I am Sorry, Governor Rauf, I wasn’t feeling so well yesterday ” I said. I referenced yesterday so he would at least go soft and thinking he had tired me after the long s*x.

“You are very stupid, , I am not feeling well this moment and I am at work, Jola, please talk to her, and how are you going to deal with this mess, I have to make a statement about the debt we owe China ” Alhaji said.

Baptism Of Fire is an understatement to what I was passing through now. I wanted to defend myself but I thought and saw it would do me no good, I was wrong.

“I am sorry sir,it won’t happen again and I will get to clarify the news about the debt crisis”. He (Alhaji) looked pacified and just nodded, using his hands To tell me to get out.

As I was about opening his door, thinking it was over, He said ; ” Don’t even think you ate going to be my Chief Of Staff when Jola goes out, I heard you wanted the Job, you can go out now”.

I thought I was banging this man.

I got to my office, feeling distraught. I started calling my press contacts to know and find out who their source was. The first three I called wouldn’t talk saying they promised the source some anonymity.

I Was about calling the last one when Jumoke walked in. Jumoke works in the logistics section, one of the office gossips we had. I liked her, she always had genuine stories, just like she filters her gossip before serving it to you.

“I heard Stephanie Okoli is leading the nominations for Chief Of Staff, and that Jola rooted for her”.

Normally, I would ask Jumoke questions and will be thrilled by the answers she will give, but Jola again, I was boiling.

“Please, Jumoke, I am busy, maybe we talk later, Shows yourself out”. I said, looking dead serious.

She gave me that “Na Jealousy go kill you” look and walked out of my office without saying anything. I wanted to know why Jola was acting this way and if he was planning something but I couldn’t call him. At least, not during office hours except it was something serious.

“Whitney Johnson, on the line, Press Secretary to Lagos State Governor office” I called the last press outlet contact I had, I persuaded the man on the other side, promising him I would give him an interview with the Governor about the debt scandal. It seemed to get to him as he said he would tell me, but it shouldn’t be traced back to him.

“Ok, I promise, just tell me thank you” I said

“Jola Edwards, The Chief Of Staff abi” The man said

My phone fell from my hands.

 To be continued…..

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