[Story] House Of Lust (18+) Season 1 Episode 11


“You scared me, Tech, you should have just called and told me you were in Nigeria instead of following my Cab around “. I snapped.

“Come in at least, Let’s take a ride”. I hopped into his car, and I insisted we drove to my house. I wanted company that night, I had never felt alone like this in a long time. He bluffed in his car about his escapades in London, the ladies he met,, parties he attended and how he was part of a top hack group now.

“Whitney, anything the problem “. He figured I wasn’t paying attention to his story. Tech always wanted to know what was happening in my life because he felt he had solutions to anybody ‘s problem. This one’s too big for him though.

I filled him in on everything, apart from the s*x.

He told me he liked Jola, “He has the brains of a Real Politician ” I could remember him saying. We got to apartment after the long drive, I brought out some chicken from the refrigerator, microwaved it and took some juice out of the fridge. We sat together, ate and conversed.

The fact that tech was back tickled my brains.

I missed him, we talked not too regularly when he was in London. Conflicting schedules I guess.

“Tech, maybe you can help me, I need to get the information about the debt crisis poo, that would be my leverage against the Governor and also a senatorial nomination. ” I said. Tech smiled,.

“I was waiting for you to ask, I will get to it, I promise to get you what you need. Nigeria’s cyber security systems is very easy to hack, just sleep, You’d have a long day tomorrow”.

I stood up, kissed him on his forehead, and moved to my bedroom. I was tired.

I woke up early, typed my resignation letter and went to the office to submit it. Tech was sleeping, didn’t want to wake him up. I left a note for him tho, telling him I would be back soon enough.

Jumoke questioned and questioned, she couldn’t accept the fact that I was resigning.

I was one of the best Press Secretary the office has ever had. Jola did his duties as Chief Of Staff, announcing publicly he wished I had stayed.

Alhaji just told me I was doing the right thing and that he would get back to me . Rumours started spreading that I resigned because I wasn’t nominated for The Chief Of Staff Job.

I fixed a meeting with Jola through his secretary.

I wanted to hear his part.

Tech still had no luck with the hacking project. I didn’t bother though, he would get in soon enough. I got calls from an private number severally, I knew it was Sen. James Oseni’s people, they maybe might have heard that I resigned and wanted to know if I was on board with them. I just wanted to be left alone.

You’d wonder if I have no family because I haven’t spoken about them. My father’s late, My mom decided to relocate to her state (ENUGU STATE) and I had a kid sister, She was in the University. You see, they are really far away.

My mom called once in a while though, to check on my well being, to ask if I attended church and if I could meet up for a crusade in ENUGU. Church! Church!! Church!!!, She couldn’t get enough of it.

My reply was always routine. I would tell her I attended church regularly, I was even part of the ushering department. Lol, Usher Ko, Chris Brown ni.

Tech prepared lunch. Boiled yam and egg sauce.

At least, I would eat something different in a long time. Tech called me from my room, he had our plates on the dining table. I enjoyed the meal, wondered where he learnt to cook this way. I didn’t even miss the office, as I was already occupied by tech.

I picked the call later, It was Sen. James Oseni’s office, they wanted me to come and see him. I told then what they wanted to hear, that I would be there soon. I also got a call from Jola, he said he doesn’t understand what I wanted him to say but he was ready to meet with me that evening.

Tech continued to try. He was finding it hard though, and once he was obsessed with something, he would not stop till he get to the root of the matter. We just cuddled on sofas, la!d my head on his shoulders while he was hacking. I slept off.

To be continued…..

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