[Story] My Mother In Law – Episode 22

My mouth was widely opened as I waslooking at her.
MA’AM: it belongs to you. That is my first
More are yet to come.
ME: actually I don’t know how to thank you.
You’ve done more than enough,,,,,,,, am so
so grateful for your kindness towards me
right from the
First day you saw me on the road.
MA’AM: you can say that again and again
and again. You deserve more that this,
You’ve done alot for me to,,,,,,,,,
** I hugged her and equally perk her too.
I moved out immediately without minding
I may meet Jane or not. I got to where the
car was parked,
I opened the door and start it. I hot the
engine and went up again.
I continued thanking her,
I left the hotel and drove home.
I didn’t have a driving license so I didn’t
flex the car that Sunday.
An Igbo adage says,
” when a child learn how to use chewing
He’ll Broke all the tree stem around the
Happiness didn’t allow me to do anything
that Sunday,
Even to eat.
I didn’t go to church that day,,,,,! I was like
someone who
Win a lottery.
The next day,
I went to work without the car because of
I went to work, very early in the morning,
When I got there,
Clara was mopping our office.
I entered and she greeted me.
ME: Clara,,,
It’s about my friend Val.
I know what he did was wrong by putting
you in this condition.
What do you suggest, he should do?
He told me that you refused to abort the
CLARA: igwe I don’t know.
ME: Hmmmm,,,,,, you’re
Matured and knows what’s right and wrong.
You should suggest something,
Bcos as I am now,,,
I don’t know what to say or do about this
I’ll give you feedback soon.
** she continued with what she was doing,
While I login to my whatsapp to reply some
After she was
Through with the cleaning, I sat down.
I opened our system and start work
An hour later,
Val came to work. He was looking so
I asked him,,,,
What’s the problem and he told me that
he’s just
Ashamed of himself for what he did.
ME: Val, I just want to ask you this
VAL: ok
ME: Do you love Clara??
VAL: what’s the meaning of this question?

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