[Story] My Mother In Law – Episode 21

What will I tell outsiders more especially mydaughter. She will be ashamed of me.
ME: How can you get pregnant while you’ve
reached menopause stage?
MA’AM: my dear, it doesn’t mean anything.
I’m only 48 years so a woman at my age
can still get pregnant if care is not taking.
ME: ** I moved closer to her and held her,
I gave her a kiss** you wouldn’t get
pregnant, trust me.
MA’AM: * she laughed* Are you the creator
that gives child?
ME: No just believe with faith.
** I stood up and went inside the bath
room Unclad and took my bath.
Before I could come out from the
bathroom, she was already sleeping Unclad.
I wore my cloth and wake her up.
She rushed inside the bathroom and
flushen up.
I told her that I’ll be going.
She said am going to spend the night with
her in the hotel.
I disagreed with her and she started petting
me, And I have no option than to do her
wish, Because she is my boss. I may refuse
and it’ll result to another thing.
I told her that am hungry and she called
the hotel room service and made an order.
30mins later, We heard a knock at the
door. I entered the toilet to Urinate.
Thereafter, As I opened the door to come
out, Lo and behold,
The lady that brought the food for us is
I shut the toilet door.
“what am I seeing? Jane! ” I started
thanking God for not letting her to see me
with that woman.
I opened the door a bit to know if she is
still there, but She have left the room. I
came out and went to the room door and
lock it by myself Before she came back
without knocking.
We ate together like mother and son.
That night we had three rounds of hot s-x
before morning.
I took my bath and told her that I’ll be
She gave me some money for my upkeep.
As I was about to open the door, She called
me back.
She dipped her hand inside her handbag
and brought out a car key and one
documentary file and handed over to me **
I was looking at her to know her motive.
MA’AM: There is one red Toyota corolla
parked outside, It’s all yours. Here is the
documents and the key.
ME: you said!!!!!

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