[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 71

It took the other team about 90 minute to arrive. When they did, Lawrence realised two cars were unaccounted for.

Two driver received gun shot wounds and 7 cars were riddled with gun shot holes their drivers miraculously escaped been hurt.

They quickly filled up the holes on the cars and used spray paints to recolour the holes according to the car colour. Then used transparent plastic tapes on the broken glasses.

They then took care of the wounded drivers by interchanging cars and drivers. Ben took up one of the cars on Chido’s entourage while Lawrence moved over to the passenger side to allow Chido drive while he assessed his driving skills.

They set out immediately for their garage in lagos around Ojota area. Arriving there they stretched their legs, while their mechanics worked on the damaged cars.

Chido was too tired that he dozed off. He was still dozing when he was awoken by Ben to eat and while he ate Ben told him “its gotten dangerous now.

“Lawrence called his contacts at the police station in Badagry area and was informed that words have been given out to look out for a set of fast cars about 15 in number. They said the police said the people they are looking for are thieves who snatched a set of cars in Seme border and killed their owners including a police officer” Ben finished.

Then continued “so it means we can’t continue the journey like this. Lawrence is mad. He is so angry with Raymond cos Ray drove the first car that hit the policeman”.

Chido asked “what do we do?”.

Chido asked “what do we do?”.

Ben replied “we must leave lagos by night fall but we travel in another way. Lawrence is loading the cars on Mac haulage lorries. We take it outside lagos till we arrive Shagamu. Once there we off load the the cars and continue. The cars have been bought and must be delivered cos Lawrence would loose customers to his competition if he misses delivery”.

Chido asked “is that not dangerous. What of when the police search?”

Ben replied “we just have to hope they don’t and wish 4 the best. We leave soon so go and wash ur face and get ready”.

After cleaning his face Chido heard his fone bleep and on taking out his fone and looking in. He saw an sms from Grace telling him she was with his parents. His mom is fine. His dad is responding to treatment but still not out of danger.

He shivered. Then walked out to meet Ben and the rest.

They left the garage and lagos a few hours later in an entourage of 3 jeeps. They were driven to a large warehouse not far off and there Chido saw that the cars has been loaded into several big Mac tippers. The cars were secured well and Lawrence asked Ben and Chido to follow him onto one of the lorries.

They seperated themselves into teams of threes following the driver of each lorry and the remaining guys not with a lorry stayed with the jeep which was following the lorries.

Lawrence plotted their route and they agreed on their next rendezvous in Shagamu. As they set out Chido felt uneasy. He felt butterflies in his stomach but could decide why he felt so uneasy.

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