[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 70

The police/custom men opened fire on the remaining cars by the time the 15th car came speeding thru.

Shooting sparodically at everywhere and anything that moved.

The remaining cars which hadn’t made it past by then drove into the forest as the policemen all jumped into their cars and started pursing the cars that had driven past.

Lawrence called the lead car asking him to make for the forest again and in seconds they were all driving thru thick undergrowths.

They drove a a long time with the police hot at their hills till they finally arrived at their second rendezvous point. They all climbed out of the cars while Lawrence called the other guys that couldnt make it thru the policepoint telling them to drive on and make directly for the 3rd rendezvous point somewhere in lagos-badary.

They drove fast but with caution so it took sometime but as they arrived the 3rd rendezvous point they realised the other guys were not yet accounted for.

By now Lawrence was getting really irritated. So he called his cousin to inform him. His cousin directed him to continue that he will send his clean up team after them to recover anything recoverable.

It took the other team about 90 minute to arrive. When they did, Lawrence realised two cars were unaccounted for. Two driver received gun shot wounds and 7 cars were riddled with gun shot holes their drivers miraculously escaped been hurt but the glasses of some were messed up.

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