[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 69

Then something interesting happened.

It happened as if by slow motion though the occurrences where all very fast in their own right. It was almost as if movie effects of a very badly produced bollywood movie was being played in slow motion though the occurrences were very real to Chido and his group.

First of all Lawrence was driving the 6th car in the entourage. He told Chido he never drove the first two cars or last two cars cos it was badluck.

One minute they were all driving on the road, the next minute very bright lights shone on their cars as if from nowhere.

Chido slowly noticed 5 police pickup trucks partially blocking the roads and as the lead driver was driving too fast he didnt have time to react.

He narrowly dodged the nearest pickup truck but was blinded by the remaining two which the police/custom men had parked across the road for effect.

If that their action was for effect or advantage on motorists this time it was a deadly mistake cos as the lead driver swerved, his car missed the second line of cars and as he passed thru the hub of cars he didnt see a solitary policeman standing on his own in the dark.

His car clipped the policeman on one of his leg swirling the man round on the other leg. The death scream that must have come out of the man as a result must have been loud cos Chido heard it loud in the car he was in.

It sounded like that of a dying wild animal.

The policeman was still turning around on his only remaining good leg when the second car brushed him off his foot and as he fell Chido saw him smash his head on the backshield of the car.

The 3rd car too was too fast and close behind and met him deathend on the chest as he miraculously struggled to stand up on his destroyed legs.

The car grinded the what was left of the police/custom man under its tires and as the driver realised what he had just done he increased speed and speed off With a zooooooooom in a cloud of dust and gravels.

B4 the police/custom men could react the next car to 11th cars sped past, all blinded by the bright lights but refusing to stop. Besides they knew they were dead men if they did.

The police/custom men opened fire on the remaining cars by the time the 15th car came speeding thru.

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